Electronics Lab #1: Furniture

I have a spare room I’m not using for anything meaningful. With the tools and components piling up in my living room and office area, I decided it was time for a separate home electronics lab and move everything in there. I’ve never set one of these up before, but it sounds logical to start with the basics: a desk, and a chair. I received my IKEA shipment yesterday, and after a bit of assembly without any leftover parts this was the result.


My new lab bench consists of a 150x75x3.4cm white painted fiberboard table top, combined with 90cm silver colored adjustable steel legs. I also added a silver colored adjustable lamp, and a high bar stool.

The desk’s work surface sits at a height of about 94cm, which is perfect to comfortably work at my desk while standing, or use the bar stool during longer sessions. The desk is deep enough to store some of the larger equipment I plan on getting in the back, without taking up too much precious work space. I might be able to store some stuff underneath the desk as well, provided it doesn’t get in the way of my legs.


Now that I actually have a place to work, it’s time to look into ESD mats, add some shelves for storage space, additional lights, a bench magnifier or USB microscope, and some new equipment purchases and upgrades. I want to replace my cheap (crudely regulated) soldering iron with a Hakko FX-888D, get a variable power supply and my first oscilloscope (most likely a Rigol DS1054Z).

First on my list though, is figuring out the best storage options for all this stuff…


Parts in this blog post:

  • LINNMON table top – $25.99 – IKEA
  • OLOV adjustable leg – $15.00 – IKEA
  • TERTIAL work lamp – $8.99 – IKEA
  • STIG bar stool – $16.99 – IKEA

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