Mailbag #5: Geekroo Arduino Uno case, RDA5807M radio tuners, more headers

This mailbag has something for everyone. A nice case for my Arduino Uno R3, new stackable headers for my Raspberry Pi B+, and radio modules for my alarm clock project.


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Mailbag #4: Straw hat LEDs, SOIC/SOP adapters, HC-SR04 distance sensor

Today’s mail is a pretty mixed bag, which came from several different eBay sellers, consisting of LEDs, SO to DIP adapter boards, tactile switch caps, a distance sensor and a flux pen. I ordered these items during my initial 2-month long buying spree with the primary goal of getting all of the basics, and sampling any interesting sensors and gadgets I came across.


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Electronics Lab #1: Furniture

I have a spare room I’m not using for anything meaningful. With the tools and components piling up in my living room and office area, I decided it was time for a separate home electronics lab and move everything in there. I’ve never set one of these up before, but it sounds logical to start with the basics: a desk, and a chair. I received my IKEA shipment yesterday, and after a bit of assembly without any leftover parts this was the result.


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